Psoriasis Specialist Houston

Seeing a psoriasis specialist in Houston can significantly improve your quality of life. If you’re suffering with a skin condition that is itchy or painful or causing embarrassment when you wear short sleeves, shorts, or dresses, Wellspire’s dermatologists can accurately diagnose your condition and help you get relief through a treatment plan. Psoriasis most likely won’t get better on its own; it often takes prescription medication to get a severe skin condition under control. Contact our clinic today to schedule a new patient appointment at Wellspire.

3 Ways a Psoriasis Doctor Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

1. The best psoriasis doctors can provide a correct diagnosis, followed by an effective treatment. If you’ve been suffering with psoriasis for some time but have never been certain whether you had eczema, psoriasis, or another skin condition, knowing what you’re dealing with can be a game changer.

Self-diagnosis of any medical condition can result in the patient using the wrong treatment; if you want relief from itchy, scaly, or painful patches on your skin, we highly recommend making an appointment with our psoriasis specialist in Houston at Wellspire; don’t wait.

2. Effective psoriasis treatment will save you money. Store-bought topical creams and ointments are expensive, and typically do little to manage a chronic skin condition. Many of our patients at Wellspire have spend hundreds of dollars on treatments that fail to give any relief from psoriasis. Our doctors can offer the best psoriasis treatment options- prescription medications that are proven to work for psoriasis.

If you’ve noticed scaly red patches on your skin, our psoriasis specialist in Houston, Texas should see you immediately to create a sound treatment plan that will help put your psoriasis in remission quickly. Patients using Rx treatments for psoriasis experience a better quality of life between flare-ups.

3. Wellspire psoriasis treatment center in Houston is an excellent choice when you need to see a specialist right away. Our doctors will assess the severity of your skin condition and select the best treatment to not just stop future outbreaks but also to remove scales and help your skin heal. A small sample of your skin examined under a microscope will rule out all other skin disorders.

Self-Help For Mild Psoriasis

Oatmeal baths and Epsom salts can calm inflamed skin and help to remove scales; in addition, mild soaps that have added oils and fats may further relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. Following a luke-warm bath, apply ointment-based moisturizing cream to the skin at least once a day and cover affected areas overnight. If you’re not taking a medication that limits your time in direct sunlight, expose affected skin to small amounts of sunlight in the early morning or late evening hours.

Get in touch with our staff from Wellspire to verify your insurance benefits or to schedule an appointment with our psoriasis specialist in Houston. To speak with someone from our dermatology office, call 877-687-3628 or connect with us online through our website.