Telemedicine Houston

Discover the convenience of Telemedicine in Houston by contacting Wellspire at 281-446-7173. Anytime you need to speak with a doctor or nurse through a virtual appointment, you’re able to access our Telemedicine helpline and get in touch with a medical specialist who can answer your questions and help you determine whether you need to schedule an in-person appointment. In many cases, our Telemedicine team can offer you the care you need without having to come in to our clinic.

3 Ways Telemedicine in Houston Can Help You

1. Are you worried about leaving home during Covid? Instead of having to pack along hand sanitizer, a mask, and everything else you need to feel safe around other patients, you can make one phone call to our Telehealth line and be connected with a doctor or nurse within a short time-frame.

You can have peace of mind during Covid without having to go to extremes to stay safe; Houston Telemedicine is the first line of defense against Covid-19.

2. Sometimes, patients just need assurance, a quick diagnosis, or advice from a medical professional. Our Telehealth doctors in Houston are here for you when you need to connect with us right away. Not all medical issues require an in-office visit; Telemedicine services in Houston, TX fill the gap that other medical services are unable to meet.

3. Online doctors in Houston are able to see you through virtual visits over your phone, tablet, or other device. Make the most of your Telehealth services in Houston, TX by contacting our staff for minore medical issues and you’ll free up space in our clinic and prevent our staff from getting backed up with patients. Our Telemedicine Houston service is highly ratd by patients- give it a try the next time you need to speak with a doctor.

How Does Telemedicine in Houston Work?

Call our helpline at 281-446-7173 to request a call-back by a member of our medical team. In most cases, your wait will not be very long- and using our platform can eliminate the need to see a doctor in person. Best of all, you’ll have the answers you need right away, so you won’t have to wait for a diagnosis or confirmation when you suspect you have symptoms of a cold or flu.

Does My Insurance Cover Telemedicine in Houston?

Most medical insurance plans cover Telemedicine because it saves the insurance company money and allows patients access to quality care without a long delay. If you’re uncertain whether your plan will cover a Telemedicine visit, feel free to contact Wellspire at 877-687-3628 and we’ll verify your coverage over the phone.

Check on our website now to see which major insurance plans we accept or contact us to schedule an appointment. Choosing Telemedicine in Houston can give you exceptional peace of mind if you’re worried about your symptoms or need a fast diagnosis of your condition. You won’t find a better medical clinic for your family than Wellspire in Houston.