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Physical injuries are not only painful but also frustrating. It can be difficult to determine what the best course of action is following an injury. Who do you go to? Is the same doctor that treats you when you have a sniffling cold the one to go to when you injure yourself running or biking?


The simple answer to this question is no. While you can go to a general physician and get your injury treated, you will get much more in depth care from a sports medicine doctor. This is because they have specialized education when it comes to the treatment and understanding of physical injuries. If you are an athlete it is recommended to go to a sports medicine doctor anytime you experience a physical injury.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine focuses on improving athletic performance and treating physical injuries obtained while being active. This is not reserved only for professional or active athletes, sports medicine is also for those who engage in infrequent physical activity. When it comes to improving performance, this can be through diet, exercise, working around injuries, avoiding injuries from repetitive activities, and more. Some of the most common areas patients experience issues is in their knees, legs, backs, shoulders, hands/feet, and heads.


When should you see a sports medicine doctor?


Performance Enhancement: If you are looking to make a change to your current athletic performance, schedule an appointment with our sports medicine doctor today! Whether you are looking to develop a nutritional plan that aligns with your goals or are looking to find a way to push your body, Wellspire can help!


.    Injury Prevention: If you are putting repetitive stress on a particular area of your body, it will be helpful to speak with a sports medicine doctor in order to learn how you can reduce the risks associated with your physical activities.


Acute Injury: An acute injury is the term used to describe a sudden injury, such as a broken bone or twisted ankle. We will assess your injury and help you come up with the most effective treatment plan for your injury.


    Chronic Injury: Injuries that are brought on from years of repeated stress are known as chronic injury. These injuries are hard to heal and generally the symptoms of the injuries can only be managed and worked around.


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