Your immune system is your body’s line of defense when it comes to protecting you against viruses and bacteria that have the potential to make you sick. The immune system is one of the most complicated systems working in your body. This is because it includes several different organs, cells, and proteins. The immune system includes you skin, your respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic system, and more. There are many factors in your life that have the ability to greatly impact the strength and health of your immune system, such as your diet, stress levels, sleep schedule, and your health. Listed below are some tips for how you can help boost your immune system during this cold and flu season:


Wash Your Hands: While everyone knows how important washing your hands throughout your day is, many people fail to wash their hands properly. A commonly neglected area is under your nails, which is also one of the most important places to clean. This is because viruses survive outside of a human body for a significant amount of time, when these germs get trapped under your nails, and then you use your hands to touch your face or eat, you are putting yourself at risk for getting ill. Make sure you are staying on top of washing your hands, especially when dealing with children or sick people. If you have a schedule that makes it hard to break away and wash your hands regularly, invest in hand sanitizer.


Don’t Skip Sleep: Whenever you fail to get a proper amount of sleep, you are not giving your body the energy it needs to recharge your immune system. This is significant because without cytokines, the proteins that your body releases in your sleep, your body will struggle to fight infections and can cause you to be more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. If you have a hard time resting, trying taking a natural melatonin supplement to help you relax and get the amount of sleep your body needs.


Proper Diet: If your diet is not rich with vitamins and nutrients, you are preventing your immune system from working at maximum efficiency. Trade it the greasy fat foods for vegetables and healthier proteins such as salmon and white meat. If you are unsure what is lacking from your diet, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today. We can help you come up with a balanced diet that fits your needs.


Get A Flu Vaccination: The flu is a very uncomfortable and long lasting illness. Many patients experience vomiting, upset stomach, chills, painful body aches, and more. While the flu vaccination cannot guarantee you will not catch the flu, it greatly reduces your chances of contracting the virus. Schedule an appointment for everyone in your family, to reduce the chances of bringing the flu into your home this cold season.


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