Wellspire Medical Group is proud to announce that our Humble location has moved! We are now located at 1702 FM 1960 and Bypass Rd East. Our Atascocita location has remained in the same location at 17903 West Lake Houston Parkway. Wellspire works to offer comprehensive care to all of our patients in a safe and friendly environment. Our Wellspire clinic location in Humble, TX offers the following options:


Primary Care Physician: A primary care physician, also known as a primary care provider, is a healthcare professional that practices general medicine. Most often, PCPs are the first step in medical care. Whenever you or your child are in need of a routine checkup or have a non-emergency health concern, this is who you will see. When PCPs are unable to diagnose or treat the problem, they will work with you to find a specialist that meets your needs. Establishing a relationship with a PCP is helpful because not only does it give a physician the chance to monitor health changes overtime, it also will give you the chance to work with someone you have an established relationship with if you or your child are hospitalized, need surgery, or have an illness that requires long term treatment. If you are looking for a reliable PCP for you or your family, contact Wellspire Medical Group today!


Endocrinologist: Doctors who specialize in endocrinology study the branch of medicine that surrounds hormone-related diseases. An endocrinologist has the ability to diagnose and treat hormone problems and the issues that may come from imbalance. The human body produces over 50 different hormones, all of which need to be in balance for the body to be healthy. Hormones are responsible for a wide range of bodily functions including but not limited to metabolism, respiration, growth, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement. It is important to ensure your hormones are not working against you in order to avoid a wide range of medical conditions. Not only do endocrinologists focus on balancing your hormones, they also work to promote health in the glands and tissues that produce them. If you have any questions concerning the health or balance of your hormones, contact Wellspire Medical Group in Humble today!


Cardiologist: Doctors who specialize in cardiology study the branch of medicine that surrounds heart-related conditions and diseases. The heart is known as the powerhouse of the body and can affect many different functions happening within it. When patients experience symptoms like chest pains, dizzy spells, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, they may require specialized testing to ensure there is not an issue with their heart. Cardiologists work to help those suffering from heart disease lead normal and healthy lives. Additionally, cardiologists work in the prevention and treatment of heart attacks, heart failure, and rhythm disturbances that can become dangerous. If you have any concerns regarding your heart health, schedule an appointment at Wellspire Medical Group today!


Wellspire Medical Group proudly serves Atascocita, Humble and surrounding areas. We have been part of Northeast Houston as Mehta Medical Group for 30 years. Our name change reflects our broader scope of services. In other words, we are working hard to “Inspire Better Health!”



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