This month, children are beginning to return to school. This is a very exciting time for many parents and students alike! Not only will these students be embarking on new and exciting academic adventures. This also is the time that many of your child’s favorite sports teams will begin recruiting for new players! Ensuring that your child is healthy and strong before putting them in environments where they will be around other children is an essential step to preserving their health! Whether they are going back to school, joining a sports team, or are in daycare, the doctors at Wellspire Medical Group in Humble, TX, can evaluate them to make sure they are meeting their developmental milestones, are up to date on their vaccinations, and are taking the steps required to stay physically fit.


Back To School Physical

Before your child can go to school you may be asked for them to have a physical. This is different than a sports physical. Listed below is what you can expect going into a health physical for your child:


Routine Physical: We will begin by measuring your child’s height and weight, checking their blood pressure, and pulse. Additionally your child may have their heart, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and throat inspected for abnormalities.


Medical History Review: We will discuss any previous or current illnesses that your child had or has, which medications your child is taking, and any concerns the parent may have over their child’s development.


Immunizations: Before you child can return to school, they must be up-to-date on immunizations. If your child does not meet their school districts’ list of required immunizations we will administer the necessary vaccines.


A Printed Assessment: At the end of your child’s physical you will receive a printed report. This printed report will have a record of your child’s stats, medical history, and a list of immunizations. You will need to hold onto this assessment and turn it into your child’s school.


Sports Physical

While a sports physical is similar to a school physical, there will be a greater focus on the physicality of the child. The physician may  look at the following factors during a sports physical:


Stats: The physician will record your child’s height and weight, as well as measure your child’s heart rate and blood pressure.


Examine Health: Your doctor will want to check the function of your child’s heart and lungs. Sports will require your child to participate in activities that get their heart rate up and make their breathing labored. This is why it is a vital part of the exam.


Neurological Function: Your child will need to have quick reaction times in order to be successful in sports. They will have their reflexes, coordination, and strength tested to ensure there are no underlying problems.


Male Genital Exam: An examination of the male genitals will be required to ensure your child is not suffering from a hernia.


Wellspire Medical Group in Humble TX

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