A concussion is most commonly described as a trauma to the head that disrupts the function of the brain. These traumatic brain injuries can occur after a blow or jolt to the head and are most frequently seen after a car accident, a sports injury, or a fall. Concussions may also occur whenever the head is shaken violently. There are many variables at play when someone suffers a concussion, causing recovery times to vary greatly.


If you believe you may have suffered a concussion seek medical attention. These brain injuries have the potential to cause internal bleeding or a blood clot that can put your life at risk. Below are a list of the most common symptoms associated with concussions:


Cloudy Thoughts: If you are feeling dazed and confused following an impact to your head, this could potentially be a sign of a concussion. Many people describe these cloudy thoughts as “feeling off,” or “out of it.” If you feel this way following trauma to the head, contact Wellspire Medical Group immediately.


Slurring Speech: Oftentimes when someone suffers a concussion they have a hard time maintaining normal speech patterns and will begin slurring when they speak. If you or someone you love suffers a head injury and then begins slurring their words together or trailing off without finishing their thoughts this could be a sign of a concussion.


Poor Balance: Swaying, loss of balance, and inability to walk in a straight line are all problematic symptoms following a head injury. This can be especially dangerous because it can lead to falling and hitting your already vulnerable head again.


Delayed Reactions: Not feeling as sharp as usual, or having delayed responses after a head injury can be a symptom of a concussion. If you are normally an outgoing and excitable person but seem reserved, quiet, or slower, contact Wellspire Medical Group right away.


Vomiting: While nausea can happened following an injury regardless if you suffer a concussion or not, it should not be ignored as a potential sign of concussion.


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