Whether you are a young athlete participating in school sports, or a professional athlete who has made a career pursuing athletics, injuries are never a good thing. While some injuries are entirely unavoidable, there are certain steps that can be taken in order to lower your chances at receiving a sports related injury.


Listed below are some tips to keep in mind whenever you are playing sports:


Wear Protective Gear: Even when you are practicing, it is important to guard your body with the proper protective gear for the sport you are training for or playing. This includes mouth guards, helmets, knee pads, shoulder pads, and anything else that may be required. This is a very important step because these pieces of protective gear were designed specifically to guard you against common injuries for your sport. Wearing these items can mean the difference between a serious injury and an impact.


Be In Shape: While physical activity is open to everyone, you should be aware that if you are out of shape and then choose to engage in a playful game of football with your friends at a barbeque, your body is not used to this. You will be more vulnerable to injury and will also have a higher chance of being improperly protected with gear.


Rest: Working out and being in shape is a continuous process that never ends. However, overexerting your body and not giving it time to rest and heal, can lead to serious injuries. Give your body the time it needs to be as healthy as possible.


Don’t Skip The Warm-Up: Whenever your body has the appropriate time to stretch and prepare before being thrown into a high intensity workout, it is less likely to be injured. Additionally, not every warm-up will adequately prepare you for your particular sport, so make sure you are warming up in a way that makes sense for you!


Always keep in mind there are two factors that can lead to an increased chance of injury. This is having a previous injury or going too many consecutive days without resting. Avoid these traps by training smart!



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