What is Sports Medicine?
Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine that pertains to physical fitness. Sports medicine treatment is for athletes that want to achieve better results from their diet and exercise regimen, people who have suffered an injury and are trying to regain full function and also, those with physical limitations due to disability who are trying to increase their mobility.

Sports Nutrition Humble TX

Athletic performance can be improved through a thoughtful approach to which foods and fluids a person consumes, as well as the portion quantity and frequency. In addition, nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances containing proteins and natural fats are taken into account. The recommended diet for athletes varies greatly to accommodate their specific needs. For instance, someone who is active in strength sports does not have the same recommended diet as someone engaging in endurance sports. We can map out a nutrition plan that meets your specific lifestyle requirements to help you achieve the results you are seeking.

Sports Injury Humble TX

Sport injuries can be especially delicate to care for because not only is there an injury to treat but it needs to be done with the target of preserving an athletes ability for future performance. Our staff uses the newest diagnostic systems to locate and examine the specifics of your injury and work with you to make a comprehensive, custom-tailored plan to begin your road to recovery. Our goal is to always first try to resolve injuries through non-invasive to minimally invasive care that will get you painlessly back in motion.

Chronic Sports Injury Humble TX

Chronic overuse injuries greatly outnumber acute, instantaneous injuries. These injuries tend to show symptoms long before treatment because they start small versus an instantaneous injury that causes an immediate loss of function. Chronic injuries occur when there is damage to a bone, muscle, ligament or tendon that has been caused by repetitive stress over time without proper healing.

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