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5 Reasons To Choose Us For Foot Prosthetics

There has always been a need to restore limbs lost from accidents, illnesses, birth defects, and war. This has created the need for individuals to acquire prosthetics

The desire to entirely restore the function of missing limbs has been one of the amputees’ greatest quests. Whatever the cause of amputation, the search for complete functionality has been the major reason for so many great prosthetic advancements through the centuries. 

  • Experience and Professionalism

Fit Prosthetics has been a leader in Amputee rehabilitation and prosthetics in Salt Lake City. We are always at the top of technological breakthroughs and advancements, which has helped us better serve our patients. The patient’s desires, wants, needs, and concerns have driven the prosthetic and orthotic industry to what it is today. At Fit Prosthetics, we measure our success by the ability to listen to our patients’ desires and respond to them better than everyone else in the industry.

At Fit Prosthetics, we pride ourselves as a team of certified staff in Prosthetics specializing in the provision of Pediatric orthotic and prosthetic services.

  • Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics

We have, for a long time, been a fitting and production company for all types of lower and upper extremity Prosthetics and orthotics; from the replacement of wrists, forearms, fingers, interscapular-thoracic, hands, upper arms, shoulders to partial feet, partial toes, ankles, through the knee, below the knee, above the knee, hemipelvectomy, and hip-disartic.

  • Well-fitting and Comfortable Sockets

The socket is the underpinning of a patient’s comfort, and the client’s comfort is the underpinning of all activities of their life. A prosthesis could entail the state-of-the-art high-tech specialized features and components, but if the socket fails to feel comfortable and fit perfectly, the amputee will not be as active as they would like to be. We offer the best fitting sockets in Utah. 

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

We apply the latest technology to provide our amputee patients the best possible Amputee rehabilitation, prosthetic services, and function. The fitting experience, developed with advanced technology, along with the years of experience possessed by our experts, allows us to effectively solve any difficult fitting issues. 

  • We can Handle “Difficult-to-Fit” Challenges

 Some amputees may be categorized as “difficult-to-fit.” These may include hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy, shoulder disarticulation patients, and those with high-level above-elbow or above-knee amputations. Other unique conditions may categorize a patient “difficult-to-fit.” Working with amputees facing these complications is one of the things we are best at. 

If you are facing challenges fitting Salt Lake City foot prosthetics, we will work with you to fix the problem. We believe you should have a perfect and comfortable prosthesis. Fit Prosthetics prides itself as a producer of the Best foot prosthetics. Our Pediatric orthotic and prosthetic services to amputees and their physicians create a successful team approach to the fitting of prosthetic devices.

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