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Long term residential mental health facilities

There are several different types of long-term residential mental health facilities to choose from. Maui Recovery is in a category unto itself! This is because Maui Recovery takes a holistic approach to treat mental health disorders in a luxurious and spacious property on a little slice of paradise, as we have achieved amazing results for our patients by doing so. For example, at Maui Recovery, we offer long-term residency for mental health patients and treat them with emotional healing, adventure therapy, spirituality and mindfulness, addiction recovery, tech addiction recovery, health, wellness, and fitness, and even fun-filled activities, such as outrigger canoeing. By addressing the whole person, we find that recovery is more thorough.

Additionally, Maui Recovery is proud to employ some of the best mental health professionals in Hawaii and in the United States. It is our team that makes Maui Recovery stand out. If quality of treatment is your priority, then Maui Recovery is the best option for you!

What We Treat at Maui Recovery

Psychiatry plays a significant role in Maui Recovery’s approach to mental illness treatment. At Maui Recovery, you will find a team of individuals who support people with long-term mental health conditions and have more complex needs, such as psychosis, mood disorders, and often substance or alcohol abuse as well. One of the key skills that we teach our patients is how to stay well in the world and how to avoid going back to a hospital for mental health treatment again.

Whether you are searching for quality long-term residential mental health facilities for yourself or a loved one, Maui Recovery can help. Whether you are someone who is battling chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD, an eating disorder, a personality disorder, or even a psychotic disorder, Maui Recovery was designed with purposely to address these types of problems. Maui Recovery’s long-term mental health facilities provide everything you will need to get better. The only thing you need to bring is yourself, along with your dedication to being the best you can be.

Maui Recovery Treats Co-Occurring Disorders

At Maui Recovery, our long-term mental health patients have a range of conditions, mostly driven by severe mental illness. Quite often, we find that our mental health patients have often developed substance abuse or substance dependencies as well. This happens for a number of reasons, most commonly being that individuals with mental health issues are often overlooked and choose to self-medicate. Between the mental health and substance abuse issues, many of our patients reach a point where they have challenges with their independence, and they need a long-term residential mental health facility to get back on their feet.

Maui Recovery’s mental health services are designed to improve patient outcomes as well as the overall quality of life for our patients. Maui Recovery is uniquely qualified to treat mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. We have the tools, the licenses, the experts, and the knowledge to diagnose and treat dual diagnosis patients as needed.

Long term residential mental health facilities

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Long term residential mental health facilities

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