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Medication For Vaginal Dryness

Why Sylk is Better Than Medication for Vaginal Dryness:

If you’re currently taking a prescription medication to combat vaginal dryness, you should know that medications do not come without side effects. Even if your doctor has assured you that the medication is safe to take, it’s essential that you understand that very often, a doctor’s definition of ‘safe’ does not necessarily mean ‘without adverse effects’. Instead of taking a pill that improves personal lubrication, we highly recommend using a natural lubrication; Sylk is the product you’ve been waiting for.

Doctors most often prescribe a vaginal estrogen pill as a medication for vaginal dryness. The problem with taking estrogen for this type of problem is that a woman’s body is often tricked into thinking it’s going through menopause when taking estrogen. The most common side effects of taking a vaginal estrogen are hot flashes, muscle spasms, increased and often excessive sweating, rash, itching, hives, and vaginal discharge. If you’re considering a medication for vaginal dryness or have already been prescribed one by your doctor, consider the benefits of using Sylk:

Sylk is 100% natural and does not contain estrogen. As a safe and effective water-based moisturizing lubricant, Sylk is made from New Zealand Kiwi Vine Extract, renown for its slippery-smooth texture and gentleness. You won’t experience the stickiness that most other lubes are known for, since Sylk is luxuriously slick, not gooey.

Best of all, Sylk has been designed to be perfectly PH balanced for a woman’s body and will not contribute to yeast infections that are commonly associated with using a lube. If you’ve ever experienced itching or burning during or after using a lube, you may have thought that was just a side effect you had to deal with in order to enjoy intimacy. Many women call it ‘taking the good with the bad’- but the truth is that you don’t have to deal with chemical burns or intense itching during sex. Sylk’s all-natural, gentle and effective ingredients never burn or cause unpleasant effects.

You don’t have to settle or compromise, and now, thanks to Sylk, you don’t have to take a medication for vaginal dryness and wonder what it will do to your body. Sylk is for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness due to:

Stress or depression
Menopause or Perimenopause
Pregnancy, post-childbirth, or breastfeeding
PH imbalance
Chemo or radiation

Sylk is even the perfect lube for men! You may have had a negative experience using a moisturizing lube in the past and decided you would never reach for a lube again. It’s actually quite common for both men and women to swear off of lubes forever. Sylk is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It will deliver the slippery, smooth, and silky sensation you’re looking for with no negative effects- it’s even safe to ingest. Your medication for vaginal dryness is no match for Sylk. You can sign up for a free 15-day trial on the Sylk website to try it out and see if it’s not everything we’ve claimed- and more.



Medication For Vaginal Dryness

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