Many of us lead busy lives that make it feel like there are never enough hours in a day. Unfortunately, too often we put off the things our bodies need, such as enough sleep, in order to accommodate our hectic schedules. Fueling your body on caffeine to compensate for your lack of sleep may feel like a solution, but has the potential to cause long term damage to your body that you may not notice.


Below are some of the main ways not getting enough sleep can negatively impact your life and the health of your body:


You won’t be as sharp: Whenever you fail to get enough sleep, your mind will struggle to perform at its highest capacity. This can lead to difficulty completing normal everyday tasks. You may find it is harder to concentrate and that you are struggling to retain new information. This means your comprehension, problem-solving, and creative skills may all suffer.


Mood Swings: Whenever someone does not get enough sleep, much like a child who needs a nap, they may become cranky. Restful sleep helps us to restore and regulate our mind and emotions. Additionally, dealing with stress can become even more difficult than normal whenever you have not gotten a healthy amount of sleep.


Slower Reaction Time: Whenever you go too long without sleep, you actually can become physically impaired. Your reaction time can suffer as well as your ability to judge a situation. It has been compared to the same effects of a drunk person. This means operating equipment, driving a vehicle, or making big decisions can be dangerous! Yikes!


Heart Problems: High blood pressure has been linked to those who fail to get 6 or more hours of sleep a night. If you already have high blood pressure, getting inadequate sleep can worse your condition. Additionally, a long term problem associated with lack of sleep is cardiovascular disease.


Insatiable Appetite: Do you ever wonder why you are always hungry, even when you have eaten? It could be because you are not getting enough sleep at night! A lack of sleep has been linked to appetite increases, and cravings for foods that are high in fats and carbs.

Weakened Immune System: Whenever you are sleeping your body is restoring itself in order to be able to properly function for you. A lack of sleep interrupts your bodies ability to protect against infections.


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