A kidney infection is the result of having bacteria enter through the bladder and spread to either one or both of the kidneys. The medical term for this is Pyelonephritis. If caught early a kidney infection will not cause serious damage. However, if left untreated a kidney infection can result in multiple complications that can become severe.


Below is a list of some of the most common and telling signs that you may be experiencing a kidney infection:


Kidney Pain: The most obvious and common symptom associated with a kidney infection is dull pain in your lower back. This pain may also spread to the sides of your body, or genital region. Some patients will experience more severe pain, while others may not even feel pain. Most often, the pain is described as radiating pain, meaning it fluctuates from waves of sharp pain, to throbbing or tenderness.


Chills & Fever: Whenever the body experiences any type of infection, a fever can accompany it. This generally is also paired with body chills that can come and go. Anytime you experience a fever, especially one above 100-degrees Fahrenheit, it is an appropriate time to schedule and appointment to see one of our doctors.


Frequent Urges To Urinate: If your kidney infection spreads to the urethra, you may feel a sudden urge to urinate. This can occur frequently even if you have already emptied your bladder. When you go to use the bathroom you may find you have little to no urine and it may feel like you are unable to get it out of your bladder. It is important to note, this symptom is also associated with a urinary tract infection, as well as kidney stones.


Nausea: Mild nausea all the way to vomiting, may be the result of a kidney infection. This can lead to a loss of appetite and weight loss, from a lack of nourishment. This nausea can also stem from dehydration as the body actively works to flush out the bacteria. As the kidneys are responsible for releasing and filtering out toxins from your system, the nausea can be due to them not working fast enough.


Kidney Infection Treatment in Humble TX

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