It is easy to neglect getting preventive medical testing done when you are not feeling ill or experiencing any strange symptoms. However, when men reach the age of 45 it is important for them to start thinking about their health for the rest of their lives. Lots of common medical issues do not show symptoms until they are far along, because of this it is vital for men, aged 45-50, to get these medical tests done in order to ensure they are healthy:


-Heart Tests: On average, men die 10 years before women. However, there are tests for your heart that can show potential issues that can help you take action before it is too late. Blood pressure should be taken into consideration, as well as, a fasting blood test to determine your blood fats and blood sugar. You can manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels easily once you know there is a problem and this can save your life.


-Rectal Exam and PSA  Blood Test: Once you hit 50 it is important to start the dialogue with your doctor about prostate cancer. The screening for prostate cancer included a rectal exam and a blood test that is called PSA or the prostate-specific antigen test. If you have a history of prostate cancer in your family or are an African-American male it is recommended to get this testing done earlier.


-Colonoscopy: About twice as many men get tested for prostate cancer than for colon cancer which leaves a lot of dangers undetected until they have progressed. Again, you should get this test at 50 unless you have a family history that included colon cancer. In that case, talk to your doctor to find out when the appropriate age for you to have a colonoscopy is.


-Skin Exams: It is recommended that men over 50 get a head to toe skin exam. During this exam your doctor will track and exam all moles, skin tags, and any other irregularities on your skin. From here it is recommended to come back annually to be reevaluated and check to see if the marks have changed, or if you have more.

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