What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are hard, crystalized deposits of minerals and acidic salts that lump together in concentrated urine. They are generally a source of intense pain as they pass through the urinary tract but rarely will leave permanent damage to your system.


The most common symptom associated with kidney stones is severe pain in your lower abdomen or on the side. This pain is frequently paired with nausea.


Treatment for kidney stones includes pain relievers, drinking lots of water to help flush your system and drain the stone. In some scenarios, you may need to undergo a medical procedure to either remove the stone, or break it up to pass it.


What are the top causes of kidney stones?


Dehydration: High sodium diets, without enough water are a common issue for those who have frequent kidney stones. Ditch all of the sodas and beer, and trade them in for a gallon of water a day. Your kidneys will thank you!


Wrong combinations: If you are going to eat foods that contain high levels of oxalate, such as peanuts, spinach, and chocolate, pair them with calcium rich foods. This will help them to bind together in your digestive tract instead of in your kidneys.


Not sticking to medication: Unfortunately, if you have had one kidney stone, your chances for having another go up. This is why it is very important to follow directions given to you by your doctor. Stay hydrated and if you are given medications, stay on them to help prevent going through this painful experience again!


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