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Temporary health insurance is precisely what the name suggests – a non-permanent coverage policy that only serves to replace gaps of a more extended insurance plan. The temporary medical insurance on Fast Health Quote treats minor illnesses when you lack a comprehensive illness plan. The interim program works excellently, paired with different coverage plans to make the benefits more complete.

What are the most common conditions for applying for temporary health insurance?

Statistics indicate that short term medical care is cost-effective for people with the following life situations:

  • Waiting for enrollment into the new job’s insurance system
  • Recent graduation from college
  • The transition from a spouse’s medical policy
  • Career change
  • Seasonal employment
  • US citizens returning home after an extended stay abroad
  • Retirees waiting for Medicare enrollment
  • International students on OPT
  • Temporary workers depending on H and L visas.

Most people applying to the short-term plan generally have a healthy, comprehensive plan. These insurance options are affordable and come with practical advantages for short-term covers.  

Where can you get short-term insurance?

You can get temporary health insurance from a private health insurance firm. Many states have a temporary medical plan limitation that restricts the amount of time one can enroll in the insurance system. It is essential to check the regulations of your state for accurate details of renewal and enrollment terms.

Fast Quote Health has a customer support team to guide you through acquiring a short-term policy. It is best to get the insurance option after getting a free online quote to compare different plans for your health and budget. We can help you get cover by detailing the most necessary fee details of the temporary medical insurance.

Terms associated with temporary medical insurance

Per Term Deductible

Some insurers have a temporary plan with the option for you to specify how you will apply the deductible. The following term determines how you will get the plan’s period.

  • Per cause – You will get a different deductible for every illness or injury situation on the plan’s term.
  • Per term – Every amount towards the plan covers different expenses throughout the program until you achieve the set value for the total deductible.

Guaranteed issue

Short-term plans do not have a guaranteed issue. This case means you will not get cover for pre-existing illnesses or conditions, despite answering a series of medical queries to receive approval.


The length of the temporary plan depends on the state and insurance firm. The bottom line is that these plans have a flexible program and are customizable to your preference.


The coinsurance is the percentage you pay to cover certain medical conditions after meeting the deductible. You will pay the coinsurance until you complete the set out-of-pocket maximum value.


This value is the amount you pay for specific services, such as prescription drugs or doctor visits. You should check the insurer’s details to confirm the numbers of different copays for all insurance policies.

Fast Quote Health will detail all requirements for the temporary insurance plan. Contact 844-325-2023/ for more details or use the free quote option for any given a choice.

What is temporary medical insurance, and who is it for? 

What is temporary medical insurance, and who is it for? Temporary medical insurance or short-term insurance refers to insurance coverage that helps you get through a period when you do not have insurance cover. Say, for instance, when you are between jobs and no longer have access to an employer-sponsored plan, you missed the Obamacare open enrollment period or are waiting until you can enroll in Medicare.Temporary medical insurance is a cheaper alternative to a COBRA …

Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Medical Insurance

temporary medical insuranceMost Americans can sign up for affordable, short-term insurance. However, there are distinct differences between short-term health plans and standard insurance. Although temporary medical insurance provides coverage, they do not meet all the requirements of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Initially, the ACA restricted temporary health insurance young people and other Americans who could not afford standard health insurance. However, in 2019, the federal government changed that …

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