Our Services


Conditions treated by cardiologists include narrowing of the arteries, abnormal heart rhythms, heart valve complications, heart attack, and stroke.


From adult acne to hair loss to psoriasis, our medical team works to determine the cause of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that works for you.


Whatever your concerns about your hormones might be, you’ll benefit from a trusting relationship with a caring and accessible Wellspire specialist.

Family Practice

At Wellspire, we know family comes first. That’s why our Family Medicine specialists make it their mission to provide you and your family care you can count on.

General Surgery

General surgery is the backbone of surgical care, encompassing procedures to address conditions affecting the abdomen, skin, soft tissues, and more.

Internal Medicine

Wellspire is the solution for adults seeking high quality Internal Medicine care. We make it our mission to provide our patients skilled and compassionate service.


Our ophthalmology team specializes in diagnosing and treating eye diseases, performing eye surgery, and prescribing eyeglasses.


By providing expert treatment in a caring environment, Wellspire works to keep children healthy and give parents and caretakers peace of mind.


Wellspire’s Podiatry practice specializes in conditions of the foot and ankle – from sprains and broken bones to issues arising from diabetes or arthritis.

Primary Care

Our Primary Care physicians work with patients to provide the best in preventive care and medical treatment. At Wellspire, we provide your family care you can trust.


Whether you have a kidney stone, a bladder infection, or an adrenal disorder, look no farther for expert urologic care. At Wellspire, we put your needs first.