What Are Stress Tests?

A stress test, which is sometimes referred to as a treadmill test or exercise test, was designed to give your doctor a reading on how well your heart reacts to physical stress. As your body is required to work harder throughout the test, it requires more fuel- forcing your heart to pump blood at a quicker pace. If there is a lack of blood being supplied through the arteries that go to the heart, the test will reflect this.Additionally, stress tests are an excellent way for you and your doctor to find out what level of physical activity and exercise are appropriate for your body.


Reasons For A Stress Test

There are several reasons your doctor may want you to take a stress test. It is a great way to gather important information about your heart, such as determining:
-If you have an irregular heatbeat
-If other symptoms such as chest pain, faintness, labored breathing, etc. are related to the health and condition of your heart
-How much physical activity your heart can handle before you launch into a new exercise routine
-If treatments or surgeries that have been performed on your heart have been effective
-If you need to have a stent placed in an artery or if heart surgery is required
-If other more serious tests are required to get your heart’s health under control


What Happens During A Stress Test?

During a stress test you will be hooked up to heart monitoring equipment. You will start slowly by walking in place on the provided treadmill, it will start to tilt making it feel like you are walking up an incline. The speed will begin to change, requiring you to walk faster. Your breathing may be examined with a tube you breathe into for parts of the test.


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