These days we are realizing the damaging effects of a sunburn to our health. Oftentimes, we do not realize we are getting a sunburn until it is too late. When you are out in the sun, use a sunblock with a high SPF and look out for the following warning signs, that you may be getting too much sun exposure:


You Skin Begins To Itch: Itchy skin is typically one of the earlier signs that you have been exposed to the sun without protection for too long. This is because the inflammatory cytokines that are released in your body. While it may be tempting to scratch the burn, this can be damaging to your skin as the first and most protective layer will already be damaged and broken. Use soothing aloe vera to calm the skin and help fight against the itching sensation.


You Start To Turn Red: Unfortunately, by the time you turn red, it is too late, you have already gotten too much sun exposure, resulting in a burn. Your skin turns red as a result of your surface blood vessels dilating to increase blood flow to your burn. You may think it is okay to spend time in direct sunlight without immediately applying sunscreen, be warned sunburns can happen in as little as ten minutes.


You Are Warm To The Touch: Whenever you have a sunburn your skin will actually become warm, like it does when you have a fever. This overheating can last for days at a time and may be accompanied with chills. Using cool compresses on your skin may help to alleviate this symptom and cool you down.


You Feel Dehydrated: Your skin may feel dry and your mouth parched. This is because you are in need of more fluids than normal to heal your body and get back to normal. Do not ignore this symptom, stay hydrated and introduce electrolytes into your diet if you do not typically consume them.


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