So often we believe, once we emerge from our teens and enter our 20s we will be able to leave acne ridden skin in the past. Unfortunately, for many of us, this is just not the case. So why is it that some of us still have to, or even suddenly have to, deal with adult acne? Below is a list of the top triggers for adult acne:


Hormones: This goes for men and women. Whenever you have an imbalance in hormones, especially testosterone and estrogen, your skin is one of the many ways your body will try to inform you something is wrong. Hormonal acne seems to especially concentrate around the chin, neck, and back, so if these are the zones you are struggling with schedule an appointment with Wellspire Medical Group!


Stress: Being an adult is much more stressful than being a teen! Whenever you are stressed, whether it be from work or lifestyle, your adrenal gland will produce an excess of cortisol. With cortisol comes testosterone, which again leads to hormonal acne. Stay calm and schedule an appointment with our Dermatologist today!


Skin-Care: If you have sensitive skin, or acne prone skin, there is a good chance you are not using the correct products for your particular skin type. Make sure you are always using, “oil-free,” skin-care. You do not want to use products that clog your pores and cause more problems than they prevent.


Overwashing: Often times we believe, if we are having skin problems than the best way to handle these is by cleansing our skin. While hygiene is a vital part of clear skin, overwashing your skin can actually make your acne worse and your skin drier.


Sweets: Indulging in too many sweet treats may cause your acne to go from bad to worse! This is because the high concentration of sugar will cause your body to release insulin, which in turn will release other hormones. Trade in the sweets for something savory and schedule an appointment with us today!


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