At Wellspire Medical Group we understand finding an excellent dermatologist with board certification can be as difficult as the skin problems you may face. We know, not all dermatologists are created equal. That’s why we take pride in providing the best dermatologist in Humble TX.  When you’re looking for the best dermatologist, using the guidelines below will help you make the right decision for your needs.


Board Certified Distinction. Any doctor with a medical degree can join a dermatology practice, but board certified dermatologists have additional years of supervised training and have passed rigorous exams. Do an online search to confirm the dermatologist is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology.


Spending adequate time with the patient. An exceptional dermatologist never watches the clock; they look at your chart and are completely focused on your personal story and your questions. He or She takes the time to explain everything, address your concerns, describe treatment plans and informs you of any diagnostic testing you may need.


Advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities A patient knows when a dermatologist is invested in solving their skin issues by the instruments used for treatment and diagnosis.  The days of traveling to other location for diagnostic review and returning to the physicians office have long past. Whether it’s a simple lice test, skin resurfacing or firming, good dermatologists will have the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment.


Product Samples for Treatment Pre-test. An office full of various products shows that a dermatologist genuinely wants patients to find the best product solution to a given skin problem. If the dermatologist wants you to try a product to make sure it’s right for you before you commit to buying a prescription, it’s a great sign their invested in you.


On-call service for emergencies:  If you experience an allergic reaction or have an emergent question about your treatment, a good dermatologist provides the opportunity for contact.  You should never feel left alone in the dark. On call services are not common for dermatologists. However, the best dermatologists will be there for you when needed.


If you live in Humble, TX and are struggling with skin issues contact our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama.  She is the best dermatologist in Humble, TX. Dr. Ikpeama takes great steps in diagnosis and treatment of your skin problems. She has years of training in Dermatology.  Dr. Ikpeama treats patients of all ages and can also address anti-aging treatments. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama today.



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