Although eczema and psoriasis may look very similar, there are very substantial differences in terms of what is happening within the skin. . Eczematous skin has an increased tendency to lose water and become overly dry and inflamed. In comparison, psoriatic skin cells are reproduced rapidly and fail to mature properly. In addition, psoriasis involves severe inflammation of the skin due to overly active inflammatory pathways. Both eczema and psoriasis can affect the skin anywhere on the body, but they have their unique patterns.


Eczema is often found on the front of the elbows or behind the knees. Psoriasis classically appears on hairline, elbow tips, and the kneecaps. Both frequently appear on the hands and feet. These areas of the body have presented as an extra difficult challenge for Eczema patients. Eczema on the hand and feet is known as Dyshidrotic eczema, or dyshidrosis. It is a skin condition where blisters develop on the palms of your hands and/or the soles of your feet.  The blisters are very itchy for the patient. Although difficult, with proper treatment the blisters normally last for about two to four weeks.


Historically, the management of both eczema and psoriasis was challenging for the patient and medical providers alike.  Fortunately, over the past two decades, treatment options have made substantial advances. In fact, some of the most difficult cases can be treated very successfully.


In the treatment of psoriasis, newer pharmaceutical remedies have improved many people’s lives dramatically. They’re called biologic agents, which are administered by injection.  They offer long-term improvement and/or total clearance of psoriasis. In the near future, those who suffer from severe eczema may witness transformation in their care due to recent advances in treatment.  For the more mild cases of eczema or psoriasis can often be managed by using prescribed topical medications from your dermatologist. These are applied once or twice daily to affected areas and are generally effective in clearing up minor or limited rashing.


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