Ever have a nagging wart that was removed and later returned? Board certified Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama at Wellspire Medical Group understands how frustrating it can be.  Dr. Ikpeama recommends Cryotherapy/Cryosurgery as a procedure to rid you of unsightly warts and other skin growths.


Cryotherapy is a highly effective treatment for a broad range of skin issues.  It is best suited for treatment of warts in most non–hair-bearing areas of the body. Research suggests that cryotherapy may be particularly effective in treating warts of the hand, even when compared to traditional topical creams.


Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen) is a method that freezes the wart or skin growth off the skin. It may also lower the chances the warts spreading to other parts of your body. There are several types of methods used in Cryotherapy. These methods are described as; timed spot freeze technique, the rotary or spiral pattern, and the paintbrush method.  Your dermatologist will determine which procedure is best for you.


Dermatologists use Liquid Nitrogen for a variety of purposes, Most commonly; it is used to treat warts, pre-cancerous growths.  Some of these skin growths go away on their own, but it can take years. If you don’t want to wait, you may want to freeze them off.  Most warts will improve and disappear with liquid nitrogen treatment.


In addition, Cryotherapy requires little time and fits easily into the physician’s office schedule. Advantages of this treatment include a short preparation time, low risk of infection, and minimal wound care. During treatment, a doctor directly applies liquid nitrogen, a very cold substance, to the warts. This causes the warts to freeze off.


Last, Cryotherapy is very cost effective.  Unlike other procedures, Cryotherapy does not require supplies or injectable anesthesia, and the patient does not have to return for suture removal. Dermatologists have found Cryotherapy is a safe and effective treatment. Many Dermatologist use Cryotherapy for other growths such as, “age warts”, skin tags, plantar warts on the feet and actinic keratosis (scaly skin after soon exposure).


If you’re having problems warts, moles and other skin growths, contact our local Cryotherapy Dermatologist in Humble, TX, Board Certified Dermatologist, and Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama of Wellspire Medical Group.  When it comes to Cryotherapy, Dr. Ikpeama has expert knowledge and experience to rid you of your skin growth. Dr. Ikpeama understands and cares about your healthcare needs. Schedule an appointment with Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Ikpeama of Wellspire Medical Group today.



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