What is Dermatology?

A lot of people hear dermatologists and assume they only treat skin related conditions. However, dermatology is actually the branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the skin, nails, and hair. This is a broad field with treatments that include everything from rashes, major infections, chronic conditions, diseases, and even cosmetic procedures. If you or someone you love is one of the millions of people struggling with a visible condition, such as adult acne, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring, discoloration, or more, Wellspire Medical Group in Atascocita, can help. We understand dealing with these conditions can lead to physical discomfort as well as be emotionally taxing for the patient. This is why the team at Wellspire work closely with our patients to ensure they are being heard. We want to address all concerns and work through the sensitivities that come along with skin, hair, and nail medical problems with you, so that you can feel comfortable and healthy in your own skin.


When Should I See A Doctor?

From time to time, all of us will have the regular blemish or irritation with our skin, nails, or hair. While there is an endless number of different conditions and causes to our problems, that may be easy to live around, there are plenty of other conditions that should be taken more seriously. If you experience frequent, consistent, or extreme redness, itching, pain, rashes, sore, pus, discoloration, or slow healing times, you should schedule an appointment with a Dermatologist. At Wellspire Medical Group in Atascocita, our team of medical professionals, work together to treat your skin, hair, and nails and get you the long term results you are looking for in order to live your life comfortably. While many of the services offered by our dermatologist are designed to improve the appearance of your skin, regular checkups with a skin specialist can help to catch early warning signs of serious conditions, such as skin cancer. Schedule an appointment with us today to take care of any concerns you may have when it comes to your health!


Best Dermatologist in Atascocita TX

Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama is a Board Certified Dermatologist practicing in Atascocita, TX. Dr. Ikpeama has gone through the additional training required to become board certified and is well rounded in her approach to dermatology. She has stated that her primary interests are in medical, surgical, cosmetic, and skin of color dermatology. She is skilled in the treatment of all skin cancers and is proficient in filler injections and Injections. If you have a concern or are suffering from discomfort or insecurity due to the condition of your skin, hair, or nails, schedule an appointment with our dermatologist today!


Wellspire Medical Group

At Wellspire Medical Group, we understand how inconvenient sudden illness or injury can be to your life. At the first sign of an issue, come into one of our two medical facilities. If you do not have an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you at one of our locations. Wellspire Medical Group proudly serves Atascocita, Humble and surrounding areas. We have been part of Northeast Houston as Mehta Medical Group for 30 years. Our name change reflects our broader scope of services. In other words, we are working hard to “Inspire Better Health!”



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