A Cosmetic Doctor is a physician who provides diagnosis and treatments to achieve the desired result in your goals of appearances.  There are various types of Cosmetic doctors who specialize in various areas of cosmetic medicines. Many focus on skin treatments, surgery, and some offer treatments in both surgery and nonsurgical procedures.  Titles range from but not limited to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic specialists.


Cosmetic procedures encompass a myriad of treatments and procedures such as, scar removal, treatment of spider veins, chemical peels, non-surgical liposuction, radio frequency fat removal, cellulite, injectables that minimize the appearance of wrinkles, skin laxity and liver spots.  Other procedures include but facelift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and the improvement to any area of the body and skin.


With the host of cosmetic procedures available it is important to choose a physician that specializes in the area, you seek improvement.  A board-certified physician is always the best option. Whether it’s a simple procedure of wart removal or full facial augmentation. A board-certified physician is specially trained in their area of specificity.  Board certified specialists have years of training to support the efficiency and expertise to secure a desired result for the patient.


Many patients seek help with some of the most common cosmetic procedures.  Studies have shown patients are interested in the least invasive procedures to boost their appearance for job interviews, reduce the effects of aging or to remove a scar that has lasted for years.  No matter the concern there is always a qualified doctor to assist with your request and/or concern.


If you’re in Humble TX, seeking a qualified physician to change your appearance for nonmedical reasons. Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama of Wellspire Medical Group is the best cosmetic doctor for you.  Dr. Ikpeama has the experience and expertise to provide a desirable result for your request.


Dr. Ikpeama serves patients in Humble TX who want to look their best, maintain a youthful appearance and who seek treatment for various skin issues.  Dr. Ikpeama offers procedures in scar removal, injectables, spider vein therapy, laser therapy, cryotherapy and a host of others. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ikpeama at Wellspire Medical Group to discuss your appearance goals, other conditions and more.   Dr. Ikpeama is your best option for skin and cosmetic concerns in Humble TX.



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