Varicose veins are a relatively common condition, and for many people there is a family trait. Women are at least twice as likely as men to develop them. In the U.S. alone, they affect about 23% of all Americans.


Varicose veins present themselves as bulging, somewhat bluish swiggled cords visible just beneath the surface of your skin.  The usually almost always affect the legs and feet. More specifically, the valves in varicose veins don work properly. The allow blood to pool in the vein and makes it difficult for muscle to push the blood.  Consequently instead of flowing from value to the next the blood pools causing the vein to bulge. Most superficial veins have less muscle support, which causes the vein to varicose.


Some swollen and twisted veins sometimes have spider veins (known to the medical community has patches of flooded capillaries).  These veins are considered to be superficial. Although varicose veins can be painful and visually disfiguring, they are usually harmless.


When varicose veins become inflamed (swollen), they are tender to the touch and can hinder circulation to the point of causing swollen ankles, itchy skin and sometimes pain in your legs.  This can lead to blood clots.


Medical evidence proves that any condition that puts excessive pressure on the legs or stomach (abdomen can lead to varicose veins.  Conditions such as pregnancy, obesity, and chronic constipation can lead to varicose veins. Lack of exercise may contribute to varicosity. For example, muscles that are out of condition offer poor blood circulation.


The potential for varicose veins increases as veins weaken with age.  Leg injuries can damage the valves in a vein and can result in varicosity. Family history also plays a role.  If your family members have varicose veins, there is a strong likelihood you have the as well.


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