There are a wide variety of reasons for someone to visit their Urologist. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, schedule an appointment with a Urologist at Wellspire Medical Group today. Catching an issue early gives you a better chance at seeking effective treatment and avoiding a major problem.


    Frequent Trips To The Bathroom: Are you urinating more frequently than you used to? Does the urge come quickly and have to be address right then to avoid an accident? If you begin leaking urine speak to Urologist to explore management and treatment options that fit your lifestyle.


Struggling To Urinate: Do you find it hard to pass urine? This could be a symptom of an enlarged prostate which is common as you age. There are many options, including medications, to help relieve these issues and decrease the size of your prostate.


Pain While Urinating: Painful urination could be a symptom of an infection in the urinary tract, often from bacteria. If you are experiencing pain while urinating schedule an appointment with a Urologist at Wellspire Medical Group today to discuss treatment options.


    Blood In Your Urine: Anytime blood is present in your urine this is a sign to see your urologist immediately. Blood in your urine, in some cases, can be an early indication of bladder or kidney cancer. Even if the blood is not consistently present in your urine, it is still serious and needs to be examined by a Urologist as soon as possible.


Erectile Dysfunction: Also known as ED, is a common problem for many men, of all ages. If you are having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, this may be an underlying symptom of something serious like vascular disease, hypertension or renal failure.


Testicular Pain or Lumps: If you experience consistent, uninvoked, testicular pain for more than a week, schedule an appointment with Wellspire Medical Group today. If you develop any masses, nodules, or firm inflammations on your testicles schedule an appointment with your Urologist. These growths may be a symptom of testicular cancer, which when caught early tends to be highly responsive to treatment.


Infertility: If you are experiencing infertility issues in your relationship, both you and your partner should be examined in order to identify what is working against you.


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