These days everything we eat is packed full of sodium. Partially, this is due to processed foods requiring higher levels of salt to have a safe shelf life for mass production. Sodium is also used to increase textures and keep foods that are reheated to look the way we are all accustomed to. Additionally, the main reason we have so much salt in our diets is because the flavor is addicting and it makes food sell. You can go to any fast food restaurant, order your favorite combo and most likely blow your entire sodium allowance for the day before you even touch your salted fries. ‘
Here are some signs to look out for, to see if you are consuming too much sodium in your diet:


-Always Reaching For Drink: Are you constantly thirsty? Does nothing quench your thirst, no matter how much you drink? This could be a serious sign that you are consuming too much salt and your body is begging for water to cut the toxicity of the salt. Be mindful, not only the foods we eat contain sodium, lots of the beverages we enjoy also contain salt.


-Unclear Thoughts: Sodium is known to make us less active and can make you feel exhausted even without expelling energy. It is no surprise that salt affects our brains the same way. If you notice a disconnect in your thoughts, a hard time staying on task mentally, or constant lethargy- track your sodium intake, adjust, and see if you notice an improvement.


-High Blood Pressure: According to, the American Heart Association: most Americans are consuming over twice the recommended dose of sodium in a day. Whenever you consume high amounts of sodium, your body naturally stores more liquids and this forces your heart to work harder. This directly correlates to high blood pressure.


-Puffy Face, Swollen Feet: If you notice you are swollen or puffy, there is a good chance this is related to the amount of salt you are getting. Again, salt makes your body bloat due to it trying to balance the salt in your body with liquids to dilute it.


-Kidney Stones: High sodium causes your kidneys to go haywire. Too much salt can lead to your body failing to properly flush the toxins from it. This can result in painful kidney stones, ouch!


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