Hormone imbalances should be addressed as soon as possible because when untreated, they can lead to several medical conditions and complications that affect every system of your body. Here are some symptoms, separated by gender, of what signs to look out for that potentially could be indications of a hormone imbalance:


Signs of Hormone Imbalances in Women

-Irregular Periods: You have to track your cycles to know if you are getting them consistently and with regularity. Skipping periods, shortened periods and even worse periods than average are all symptoms of a hormone imbalance.


-Hair Loss: Lots of women will experience hair loss at the time of menopause, if you are not at an appropriate age for menopause speak with your doctor.


-Dark Facial and Body Hair: When a woman’s body is producing too many androgens, male hormones, they will develop dark hair on their face and body.


-Blood Sugar: If your body has a hard time breaking down and processing sugars, this could be linked to hormone imbalances and should be treated with diet and in some cases medication.
-Mood Swings: Extreme irritability, mood swings and depression are all signs that something could be up with your hormones. Talk to your doctor about these symptoms to see if they are related to your hormones or if they are the symptoms of something else.


Signs of Hormone Imbalances in Men

-Fatigue: A loss of energy and alertness, with no change in activity levels can be a sign that your body is experiencing an hormone issue.


-Weight Gain: Especially in the stomach, chest and buttocks can be an indication that your body is holding onto too much estrogen.


-Inability To Maintain Muscle: If you notice your muscle mass declining at a strangely rapid rate or that it is hard to grow your muscles even with exercise, this could be because your muscles are being deprived of the hormones they need in order to thrive.
-Low Sex Drive: When testosterone is lower in men, this has the ability to greatly impact their sexual healthy and interest. Talk to your doctor about your lowered libido and get bloodwork to determine the range of your hormones.

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