Our thyroid is a gland, in our necks that have a butterfly shape. Whenever you have an issue with the health of your thyroid, it can negatively impact a large variety of bodily functions. If you are a woman in your late 30’s your chances at having a dysfunctional thyroid increase greatly. It is estimated that somewhere around 50% of those living with an unhealthy, or improperly functioning thyroid, are undiagnosed.

A healthy thyroid produces the thyroid hormone (TH) which maintains the temperature of your body, the pace of your heartbeat, metabolism and more. If your thyroid produces too much TH, this is called hyperthyroidism. In contrast, if your thyroid produces too little TH, it is known as a hypothyroid.

The exact reason for someone’s thyroid to be out of balance is unknown, but some things that factor into this are your genetic makeup, high stress, diet that leads to nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune disease, pregnancy, and toxins that enter your body.

Here are some of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction:

Depression: When your body is not producing enough TH, this leads to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can cause your brain to struggle to produce a healthy amount of serotonin, which is known as the “happy-maker.”

Jittery: Do you always feel like you are crashing from caffeine? Is it hard to relax and feel calm? This could be because your thyroid is overactive and forcing your body to be at constant work, to accommodate the levels of TH in your body.

Low Energy: Fatigue can be a natural healthy reaction to a busy life, however this is not always the case. Even after a full night of rest, do you wake up without energy? Are you constantly struggling to complete tasks or feel alert? These could be symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Low Libido: Hypothyroidism causes a lower sex drive, however this is also due to the other symptoms, such as fatigue and depression.

Weight Changes: If you suddenly have an insatiable appetite or if food no longer taste the same, both of these could be flags that there is an issue with your thyroid!

Thyroid Treatment in Humble TX

Don’t ignore these symptoms! You deserve to live a healthy and happy life, full of energy! Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our endocrinologists to get your thyroid back in balance!

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