Why is Testosterone Important?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in both men and women. However, for men this is a hormone that is produced by the testicles and is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. These characteristics include:


-The growth and development of testicles

-Prostate functionality

-Increased muscle mass

-Increased bone mass

-Adequate red blood cell count

-Sexual Function

-Deeper voices

-Body hair


What Are Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low Sex Drive: While having a low sex drive is not necessarily a sign of dysfunction in a male’s health, it is important to note that testosterone plays a vital role in the libido in men. As men age, many will experience a natural decline in their sex drive. However, if a patient notices a sudden drastic decrease in their sex drive, this may be an indication that something is causing a drop in their testosterone levels.


Erectile Dysfunction: Testosterone not only helps to activate a man’s sex drive, it also plays a critical role in helping to achieve and maintain an erection. Testosterone is not the only contributor to erections, but this hormone does help by stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the brain. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are many potential causes- not all relating to testosterone production. Schedule an appointment at Wellspire Medical Group in Humble, today to learn more about what may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction.


Hair Loss: Many men will lose hair as they age, or simply due to their genetics. While balding is a natural part of aging, it is worth noting that testosterone plays a vital role in hair production. Men with low testosterone may notice they are not just losing hair on their heads, but also body and facial hair. If you notice this, especially under the age of 40, schedule an appointment to have your testosterone levels monitored.


Fatigue: Men with lower levels of testosterone tend to suffer from fatigue and exhaustion. Male bodies thrive when their testosterone production is at a healthy level. If you are unsure of the levels of your testosterone, schedule an appointment with our doctors today.


What Causes Low Testosterone?

Even in healthy men, there will be a natural decline in the production of testosterone past the age of 30. While this is normal, there are many other factors that may influence a male’s testosterone level causing them to be lower, such as:


-Injury, infection, or other change to one or both testicles

-Cancer treatments

-Genetic Abnormalities

-Inflammatory diseases

-Certain Medications

-Chronic Illness

-Kidney Failure


-Poor diet and obesity

-Alcoholism or drug abuse


Low Testosterone Treatment in Humble TX

At Wellspire Medical Group, we understand how inconvenient sudden illness or injury can be to your life. At the first sign of an issue, come into one of our two medical facilities. If you do not have an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you at one of our locations. Wellspire Medical Group proudly serves Atascocita, Humble and surrounding areas. We have been part of Northeast Houston as the Mehta Medical Group for 30 years. Our name change reflects our broader scope of services. In other words, we are working hard to “Inspire Better Health!”



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