Everyone knows you should wear sunscreen when you go to the beach, or spend the day at the pool, but what about for your daily life? In recent years, more and more research has come out supporting the importance of wearing sunscreen. Below are some of the top benefits and reasons to wearing sunscreen before stepping outside:


Protects Against UV Rays

Some sun exposure is required in order to provide your body with a daily dose of Vitamin D. However, this does not mean you should skip out on sunscreen! UV rays not only can cause severe sun burning, they also are linked to several severe conditions. Avoid the complications with a high SPF sunscreen this season!


Keeps Skin Youthful

Maintaining healthy and youthful skin starts with taking care of yourself. Sunscreen helps to prevent signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and more. Keep your skin looking radiant for years to come with sunscreen!


Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

While it is true that sunscreen will help keeping your skin radiant for years to come, it does much more than that! Wearing sunscreen daily will help protect your skin from several types of skin cancer, including melanoma. This is a severe form of cancer that is especially troubling for women in their 20s.


Evens Skin Tone  

Applying sunscreen on your face will help to prevent blotchiness and give your face a more consistent and clear skin tone. Wearing sunscreen on your face can also help to avoid sun induced acne and damage.


Avoid Sunburn

Whenever you skin is exposed to too much direct UVB rays, it will result in a sunburn. Sunburns weaken your skin, making it more susceptible to injury. Your sunburn can lead to painful blistering, peeling, swelling, redness, hives, and itching. It also has been reported that having recurring sunburns can put you at a higher risk of lethal melanoma. Stay safe with the help of sunscreen!


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