What Is A Family Doctor?

Family doctors, often called family physicians, are doctors who have the dynamic training and knowledge needed to be able to treat the entire body. This means, unlike specialists, family doctors have the ability to treat each organ and nearly every disease, in patients of all ages and genders. What makes family doctors stand out as an excellent choice for every member of your family, is that you build an ongoing patient-physician relationship that ensures you are truly getting the best healthcare available to you. If you and your family all choose to see one doctor for your medical needs, you will expose your doctor to family health patterns, and allow them to watch the development of your health. If there are sudden changes to the health of you or someone in your family, a family doctor with records to consult will have a better chance at providing you with the care you need. This can be extremely helpful for conditions that require immediate attention. The family doctors at Wellspire Medical Group are here to support and nurture your family’s health through all stages of life- birth, acute illnesses, chronic illness, and even end-of-life care. If you are looking for a family doctor you can count on in the Northeast Houston area, contact Wellspire Medical Group today.


What does a family doctor treat?

While family doctors are able to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of conditions, there are certain more common conditions than others. At Wellspire Medical Group, our family doctors provide immunizations and screening tests, perform comprehensive wellness exams and health-risk assessments, and diagnose and treat illnesses. Our staff of medical professionals are here to analyze and evaluate data to create an individualized treatment program, which they monitor and then adapt to changing health conditions.


Family doctors provide personalized counseling to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. They oversee chronic health conditions, and coordinate care with other specialists when required. They collect, record and maintain patient information, including your medical history and examination results. Family doctors deliver babies, and they perform operations.


Family Doctor in Humble TX

When you are looking for a family practitioner to treat the most important people in your life, make sure you are choosing to work with a doctor that cares. At Wellspire Medical Group we are dedicated to providing our patients with the absolute best medical care in the Greater Houston area. We understand how important your health and the health of your family is. We offer comprehensive care, in modern facilities, with access to on site specialist and labs. Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to getting your family the medical care they deserve. Schedule an appointment with us at the first sign of illness of injury. Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen at soonest availability for those who have been injured, missed work due to illness, or have another medical need that cannot wait for the next day appointment.



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