While good nutrition is always very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it becomes substantially more important whenever a woman becomes pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and delicate times in a woman’s life. Your developing baby requires essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Most foods that we eat are safe for pregnant women, however there are some foods that should be eaten in small amounts and others that should be removed from your diet until the pregnancy is completed. 

Here is a list of food to avoid, during pregnancy: 


-Fish Containing High Amounts of Mercury: Mercury is a highly toxic element that is often found in polluted water. Mercury can cause problems to your kidneys, nervous system, and immune system. Larger fish tend to accumulate higher levels of mercury which is problematic. Avoid eating: shark, swordfish, tuna, and king mackerel. Other fish, with low-mercury levels can offer omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your growing baby. 


-Raw Fish: Raw fish have a higher potential to carry bacteria. These bacterias can lead to infections that can be passed along to the baby. Not only can this result in complications for the mother and baby, in some cases it can result in fatal consequences.


-Undercooked or Raw Meat: Undercooked meats increase the potential for bacteria and parasites making their way into your body. Rare and medium rare cuts of meat should be avoided. Be safe, order your food well-done. This includes, burger patties, minced meat, all pork and poultry. In addition, hotdogs and lunch meat can be a concern due to the way they are exposed to air in their processing. If you elect to eat these meats, warm them to the point they are steaming to ensure you are cooking out potential hazards.


-Raw Eggs: Raw eggs can carry Salmonella and should be avoided. There are lots of common foods that typically include raw eggs, such as: soft scrambled eggs, cake icing, homemade ice cream, poached eggs and anything else that contains a runny yolk.


-Caffeine: Caffeine is a much stronger substance than lots of people give credit to. It is absorbed quickly and passed along to the placenta and fetus. This can be problematic, as unborn babies are lacking the main enzyme needed to breakdown caffeine. It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of caffeine, maximum, a day for pregnant moms.


-Alcohol: Even small amounts of alcohol can negatively impact the development of your growing baby. This is why it is recommended to avoid all alcohol during pregnancy.


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