In recent years, research has come to discover that the health of your gut impacts so many more aspects of your body than just your digestion. Scientists are starting to realize the reach of gut health transcends all the way from your weight to mental health. Having too many bad bacterias living in your gut have been linked to cardiovascular disease, weakened immune system, liver disease, autism, obesity, diabetes, allergies, asthma, depression, cancer and so much more. The parallels between an imbalance in your gut health and illness keep adding up with the more research that is done.


Gut Health and Weight Management in Humble TX

Weight loss has been a topic that has been examined from every angle under the sun. Not so surprisingly researchers have found a strong link between gut bacteria and weight loss. When your gut health is out of balance you will experience a slowed metabolism. Additionally, whenever you have a strong number of unhealthy bacteria thriving in your stomach, it will actually cause you to crave unhealthy foods. These cravings often times are for foods that are high in sugars or salt, making them unhealthy for your body and weight.


Gut Bacteria and Mental Health in Humble TX

Food cravings are just one of many ways your gut health has the ability to influence your thoughts and emotions. Do you struggle with social anxieties, depression, a general lack of interest in your surroundings, or feelings of dread? Poor gut health has been linked to depression and anxiety, which go along with these feelings. Consuming probiotic-rich foods, such as kefir, kimchi, etc. can help to get your thoughts and emotions under control. This does not mean you should discontinue any medical treatment you are receiving for your mental health. INstead, you should incorporate a gut health conscious diet to your treatment.


Allergies and the Microbiome in Humble TX

The research on gut health in recent years has linked infant gut health to lifelong allergies. This just furthers the idea that gut health extends its influence to all parts of your health. Keeping a diverse amount of healthy microbiomes in your diet, enriches your gut health and protects you from sensitivities as well as bigger problems.


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