When it comes to staying proactive about your health and finding the best solutions for your specific health concerns, having a copy of your family’s medical history can be an extremely helpful tool for patients and their physicians. This is because your family medical history gives strong insight into what potential health problems you may be predisposed to, allowing for the earliest screening to catch problems as they arise. You will want to collect health information from as many members of your family as possible, this includes parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else who you are able to collect information from. For each member of your family you will want to ask and record the following information:


Current Age: This is important because it allows your doctor to see what the average lifespan is in your family. In addition to recording all living family member’s current ages, you will want to record the age of passing for each family member, as well as the cause of death. Establishing patterns can help to extend your lifespan and provide your physician with helpful information about what to look out for in your health.


Chronic Illness: By asking if anyone in your family has suffered from chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, an autoimmune disease, and more, it provides your doctor with some insight as to what you may be at higher risk for. Chronic illness affects millions of Americans every year but in many cases, with early detection these diseases are able to be stopped in their tracks, keeping them from developing, or keeping them in the earliest stages of development. This can greatly increase a patient’s quality of life and lifespan.


High Levels: Determining if there is any history of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more can help your doctor focus on what areas of your health will need the most monitoring in order to keep you well. You may have had a relative with high blood pressure who unknowingly developed heart disease, so this information is vital when collecting your family health history.


Genetic Disorders: Providing information related to any genetic diseases that run in the family, including Alzheimer’s disease, can help your doctors catch early signs of illness in you and your children. Keep close records for your best health.


Treatments That Worked: Providing your physician with a list of treatments that effectively treated your family members may give your doctor a jumping off place to determine what medication will best work with your body.


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