Your Family Medicine Doctor in Humble, Texas is the single source for medical treatment, education, and information. Family Medicine Doctors have extensive training.  They provide comprehensive healthcare for everyone from pediatrics to geriatrics. The greatest benefit to your family is one family doctor who leads your healthcare throughout your lifetime.


A Family medicine doctor receives three additional years of training after four years of medical school.  They train in every discipline to provide primary care. These include, in-depth training in pediatrics, OB-GYN, adults and seniors.  This training uniquely qualifies a family medicine doctor to provide primary care to every family member. Your family medicine doctor serves as the family’s healthcare captain. The family medicine doctor navigates every aspect of the family’s care.  They treat the most acute illnesses and effectively managing many chronic conditions. Your family doctor has the qualifications resolve your healthcare concerns.


Your family medicine doctor in Humble, Texas provides over eighty-five percent of the medical care required by the patients they serve. Services might include but not limited to; family planning, health education, immunizations, treating minor diseases and injuries, checkups for children and adults, screening tests and disease diagnosis. Throughout these services, family medicine doctors are also trained to know when specialty care is needed.  This means no matter the condition your Family Medicine Doctor knows how to navigate your healthcare.


The cornerstone of family medicine is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care.  Your family medicine doctor is trained to provide optimal medical care by looking at the whole person, rather than focusing on just one organ system.  That’s why family medicine doctors conduct routine health screenings and provide counseling on lifestyle in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop.  


Humble, Texas residents have an amazing opportunity to know their Family Medicine Doctor at Wellspire Medical Group. The Family Medicine Doctors at Wellspire have taken the additional step of being certified and undergo recertification every six years to ensure adherence to the highest standards of medical care.  When it comes to family medicine, Wellspire Medical Group encourages you to Know Your Family medicine Doctor in Humble, Texas. The board certified doctors at Wellspire Medical Group welcome you to bring every family member for patient-focused and family centered healthcare. Your Family Medicine Doctor in Humble, TX awaits you at Wellspire Medical Group.

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