A Family Medicine Physician is about the business of treating the entire family’s healthcare needs.  Unlike physicians with certain specialties such as, Pediatricians or Gynecologists’, Family Medicine Physicians provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages no matter the gender.


Family Medicine Physicians treat a variety of health conditions including mental and emotional health.  They’re the first physician to a child who may have learning differences or behavioral problems. Likewise, a student with a sports injury, the Family Practice Physician serves as the captain of the family healthcare.


Here is a list of roles the Family Medicine Physician serves when it comes to the Healthcare of your family.



  • The Family Medicine Physician provides preventive care


Patient education is a key component to illness prevention and healthcare maintenance.  The Family Medicine Physician serves as a consultant in preventive healthcare. Well checks are performed and the physician provides vital information to ensure the patients continued wellness.


  1. The Family Medicine Physician is the first point of contact for common illnesses. Whether your child has a cold or you have symptoms of a bladder infection, your Family Medicine Physician is your “go to” resource for relief.


  1. Family Medicine Physicians Identify and diagnose underlying conditions.

If you’re presenting consistent raised blood pressure.  Your Family Medicine Physician will most likely diagnosis a medical condition and provide treatment.  If the physician finds it severe, the next course of action is to see a specialist in the area of your diagnosis. Your Family Medicine Physician will refer you to a specialist. However, she/he stays involved in your healthcare.  Your Family Medicine Physician is constantly apprised of your care from the referring specialist.


  • Family Medicine Physicians are the captains of your Healthcare team


As the primary physician in charge of your overall healthcare, Family Medicine Physicians supervise your complete care.  Whether through directing nurses on administering treatment or giving physician assistants instructions on which prescriptions are necessary.  Your Family Medicine Physician coordinates your overall healthcare.


If you’re looking for a Family Medicine Physician in Humble, Texas, Wellspire Medical Group are the experts.  With a practice that is patient focused, Wellspire Medical Group provides consummate healthcare for the entire family.  Family Medicine Physicians are Board Certified at Wellspire and are equipped to become your Captains on your Healthcare team.  For patient focused healthcare, schedule an appointment with Wellspire Medical Group’s Family Medicine Physician today.


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