What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition that affects the skin by speeding up the life cycle of cells. This rapid life cycle leads to cells building up on the surface of the skin, forming scales and red patches. These affected areas are often times itchy or painful.


Psoriasis is a chronic disease with no cure. It comes and goes throughout the course of a person’s life. The main goal in treatment is to identify triggers, and help slow the life cycle of skin cells as much as possible when psoriasis flares up.


Symptoms of Psoriasis

Most often those living with psoriasis go through cycles, where they will experience a flare up lasting anywhere from a weeks to months, then the condition will lie dormant for a period.


Patches of psoriasis can vary greatly, from a few small spots of mild dryness all the way to major breakouts that can cover large areas of the body. Below are a list of the most common symptoms associated with psoriasis:


-Dry, cracked skin that may lead to bleeding

-Red patches of skin

-Thick, silvery scales

-Itching, burning or soreness

-Inflamed and stiff joints


Triggers for Psoriasis

While doctors still are unsure of exactly what causes psoriasis, they do know certain factors can go into trigger an episode in those who have it. These triggers include:


    -Cold or dry weather

-Smoking cigarettes/drinking alcohol
-Stressful lifestyle
-Trauma to the skin

-Certain medications

Treatment for Psoriasis in Humble TX

As previously stated there is no cure for psoriasis, however there are options to help manage the symptoms and make them easier to live with. If you are unsure if you have psoriasis then you should speak to one of our doctors to learn more. An inspection of the skin, scalp, and nails may be enough for your doctor to determine if you are living with psoriasis. In some cases your doctor will need to take a sample of the skin to further inspect before a diagnosis can be made.


Management options for psoriasis include:


-Topical creams which are usually used to alleviate the symptoms and slow the lifespan of skin cell development for those living with mild to moderate psoriasis.

-Oral medications that slow the progression of cell growth

-Light and laser therapies



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