Patients see family practice physicians more than any other physician with a specialization.  General health and health maintenance is always a concern for individuals and families. That’s why family practice physicians are leading in the number of patients seen.   Families are looking for one primary care physician to oversee the health and care of everyone in the family. There are roles your family practice physician takes on in caring for you and your family members.  We’ve listed a few below.


Family Practice Physicians are more like Primary Care Physicians


Just as Primary Care physicians(PCPs), Family Practice Physicians provide the primary care for you and family members.  Like PCPs, Family Practice Physicians provide disease prevention and health maintenance. Including but not limited to annual check-ups, nutritional counseling, weight maintenance, emotional well being and in some cases anger issues.  Your family practice physician provides all general health care services in one office.


Family Practice Physicians are Diagnosticians


If you’ve been experiencing medical symptoms that have caused problems fin your daily functions, the first line of defense is always your family practice physician.  He will listen to your symptoms, exam you, suggest diagnostic tests, and provide a diagnosis coupled with a treatment plan. Your family Practice physician will also have the benefit of your medical history and that of your family.  This will also aid in the origin of the illness and provide information of possible prevention.


Family Practice Physicians provide on-going care for chronic illnesses


Whether it’s a senior and a young child.  Your family practice physician will care for every one in the family with a chronic illness.  Many children today struggle with Asthma, which is a chronic breathing condition. Your family practice physician will have solutions to treat and minimize the severity of the disease.  In some cases, with the proper treatment family practice physicians are able to minimize the number of asthma attacks a patient has. Likewise with seniors, some are afflicted with heart disease.  Your family practice physician will create a comprehensive treatment plan that may help the patient overcome a number of the underlying conditions of heart disease.


Family practice Physcians have a wealth of training in various conditions.  Which is why the serve so many roles in your healthcare. At Wellspire Medical Group our Family Practice Physicians armed and trained with the latest technological advances in family medicine to keep your family healthy.  Call Wellspire Medical Group Today.



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