Wellspire Medical Group Family Practice – Humble Texas knows summer is a great to time to your enjoy vacations, simple walks on the beach with your family or just a backyard barbeque.  Parents that have to work during the summer usually seek summer camps for their children.  The most popular are Sports Camps, which require physical check-up.  That’s why the Family Practice Physicians at Wellspire Medical Group provide Summer Sports Camp Physicals.

When a parent identifies a sports camp, most require a physical check-up.  Many will give the parent a list of physical tasks and objectives that physicians need to confirm for the child to participate.  While most children are generally in good health, there are other items Family Practice Physician will consider.

About Summer Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are only required when a child/student are beginning a new sport. Summer sports are different from spring and Winter Sports.  It is highly recommended by Family Practice Physicians to always have your child received a sports physical before beginning.  Your expert Family Practice physician set the bar high to ensure your child has the endurance and ability to participate and have fun without our worry of complications due to his/his health.  The physical is comprised of two parts: Medical History and the actual Physical examination.

Medical History

Your family practice physician will ask a list of questions to reconfirm your child’s history.  Questions such as but not limited to,

  • Your child has every passed out as a result of being dizzy.
  • Trouble breathing, asthma-Any serious illnesses in the immediate and Extended family member
  • Allergies (hay fever), insect bites
  • Past illnesses your child experienced
  • What current medications is or has your child taken
  • Past injuries

    Physical Exam

    During the physical part of the exam, the doctor will usually:

  • Take heart rate and blood pressure
  • Check heart, listen to lungs,
  • Check abdomen
  • Check ear nose and throat
  • Check weight and height
  • Observe and evaluate your child’s reflexes, strength,
  • Check joints and posture
  • Take blood pressure and pulse (heart rate and rhythm)
  • Test your child’s vision
  • The Family Practice Physicians at Wellspire Medical perform summer sports physicals regularly.  They believe every child and parent should take the precaution of a physical examination before the child begins to play.  Wellspire Medical Group’s Family Practice Physicians look forward to seeing you and your child this spring and summer.  Call us for your child sports physicals today.


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