Your family medical history, which sometimes is referred to as a medical family tree, is a well maintained record of illnesses and medical conditions that have affected members of your family. These records are considered important and relevant to a patient’s health because we inherit half of our genetic makeup from both of our parents. This does more than just determine what color our hair or eyes will be, it also goes into your genetic makeup. If members of your family have a history of heart disease or diabetes, this lets your doctor know that you have an increased risk of developing one of these conditions. A family history can also help doctors understand if you have a less significant risk for developing other conditions as well. The point of sharing your family’s medical history is simply to help your physician identify patterns that may be helpful when providing you medical care.


Your doctor might use your family medical history to:


-Identify any high risks of disease you may have

-Know which warning signs to look for right away

-Provide insight to what kind of diet or supplements may be helpful for you

-Choose which medications would be best suited for you

-Identify the most important tests you should take, as well as how often you take them

-Identify early signs of rare conditions


While a family medical history cannot predict what conditions you will or will not develop, it can provide valuable insight for your physician. It is always important to strive for a healthy lifestyle by making great choices, eating a nutritious diet, and of course working regular physical activity into your life. Speaking with your doctor can help you to come up with a lifestyle management plan to meet your goals and promote wellness.


What information should I include in a family medical history?

You will want to collect the medical history of as many family members as possible. Whenever possible, you will want to provide the medical history for three generations of both your maternal and paternal relatives. This includes your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. For each relative you will want to share the information listed below:


-Date of birth


-Body type, such as thin, fit, overweight, and obese

-Known medical conditions, including mental health conditions

-Age for each condition diagnosed

-For relatives that are no longer alive, you will want to list cause of death and age


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