What Is A Bone Density Scan?

A bone-density scan is a test that has been designed to determine the strength of a patient’s bones. The test doctors use in order to measure this is called a DEXA scan, which essentially is a large scale X-ray. For many patients, it is recommended that they have the test completed every few years. The main cause that leads doctors to order this test for patients is to identify and treat patients with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that leads to serious bone loss, making patients especially vulnerable to fractures and disability. Unless your doctor says otherwise, most patients under the age of 65 will not need to undergo this test. This is because most people will not have bone loss before they are seniors. The best way to keep your bones strong is with regular exercise and vitamin D. If you are over the age of 65, contact Wellspire Medical Group in Humble, TX today. Our team of dedicated medical professionals can help you set up an appointment with our doctors to learn more about the health of your bones.


Who Should Get A Bone Density Scan?

As mentioned, patients over 65- more specifically women over 65 and men over 70, are at the highest risk for bone loss. However, women and men as young as 50 should consider having the test completed if they have one or more of the following risk factors listed below:


-Have broken a bone in a minor incident

-Suffer from the condition known as rheumatoid arthritis

-Have at least one parent who has broken a hip

-Have a history of smoking cigarettes

-Have a history of alcohol abuse

-Have a small frame or low body weight currently or for the bulk of their life


What Happens If I Have Bone Loss?

There are different options for patients who suffer from bone loss. The most common option for patients who have osteoporosis are prescription medications. If you are diagnosed with mild bone loss, the best treatment option for you will be regular exercise, increasing your vitamin D intake, as well as your calcium intake. If you have concerns about the health of your bones, contact Wellspire Medical Group in Humble, TX today. Our state of the art facilities are designed with your convenience in mind. We work with our patients to get them answers and find solutions that work for their long term needs moving forward.


The best way to keep your bones strong is avoiding risk factors, such as smoking cigarettes or consuming more than the recommended daily allowance of alcohol. Getting tested to see your vitamin D and calcium levels, can also offer insight into if you need to get on a supplement and what dosage would be appropriate for your specific needs.


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