Diabetes is a disease we commonly hear about, whether it be on TV, in magazines, or even by members of our family. While it has become a common topic of casual conversation, diabetes is a very serious disease that should be closely monitored by you and your doctor. While this disease has the potential to be extremely disruptive and bring about extremely negative side effects, working with a medical professional to understand your symptoms and specific blood sugar needs can greatly reduce the impact this disease has on your lifestyle. At Wellspire Medical Group, our goal is to help treat patients of all ages, with type 1 and type 2 diabetes manage their disease and weaken the impact it has on their lifestyles. We believe in comprehensive care that helps you to identify your triggers and eliminate the side effects you experience. If you are looking for a diabetes management doctor in Atascocita, TX- contact Wellspire Medical Group today!


Comprehensive care for your diabetes means more than just checking your blood sugar at check-ups and prescribing you medication. The diabetes management doctors at Wellspire Medical Group in Atascocita, TX take into consideration a wide range of aspects in relation to your health. Listed below are some of the main areas of your health that your doctor will want to monitor while managing your diabetes:


Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels: When it comes to treating and managing your diabetes, your doctor will want to monitor your blood sugar levels. This will be done by measuring and tracking your blood sugar levels over an extended amount of time, as well as encouraging you to monitor your blood sugar daily at home. By keeping close track of your blood sugar levels, you and your doctor will have the ability to identify certain triggers and risk factors for you. This can help avoid potential issues and also catch sudden changes in your blood sugar level quickly.


Managing Blood Pressure: Something a lot of people living with diabetes do not realize is, there is a strong connection between blood sugar levels and blood pressure. If you have diabetes than it is important you take your blood pressure health seriously. Both diabetes and blood pressure issues increase the potential for cardiac complications. The best way to lower your risk factors through a healthy lifestyle and regular visits with your diabetes management doctor in Atascocita, TX.


Circulation Health: Those suffering from diabetes often times deal with poor circulation issues. This can make things, such as healing from injuries or skin abrasions, especially difficult for diabetic patients. Working with a diabetes management doctor can help you to avoid potential complications with your circulation health.


Kidney Health: Having diabetes means that it is more difficult for your body to properly filter out sugars and other toxins. This can greatly impact the health of your kidneys. Regular monitoring and testing can help keep your kidneys healthy.


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