The first step in effective diabetes management is identifying what kind of diabetes you have. There are three main categories of diabetes and they are as follows:


Type 1 Diabetes: Type one diabetes is when your body is not naturally producing insulin. This is an issue because insulin is required in order for your body to properly convert glucose in the foods you consume into energy to power your body. If you have this type of diabetes you will be insulin dependent, and will be required to take insulin everyday.

Type 2 Diabetes: Type two diabetes is when your body struggles to produce insulin properly. In the event of having type two diabetes you may need to take medication, such as pills or insulin in order to manage your blood sugar levels. This is the most common form of diabete and also the most responsive to lifestyle and dietary changes.


Gestational Diabetes: This is a form of diabetes that affects some women once they become pregnant. This type of diabetes often only lasts during the pregnancy but can leave lasting effects. If you have gestational diabetes, you and your child will have a higher chance of developing diabetes later in their lives.


Diabetes is Serious
While it is beneficial and often times necessary to work with your doctor in order to manage your diabetes, the most important person involved in managing your diabetes will always be you! This is because you will be the one in charge of your diet, physical activity, and daily blood sugar monitoring.


Diet: Maintaining a well balanced low sugar diet is crucial when it comes to managing your diabetes. Understanding the science behind foods will be helpful in controlling your diet. Not all foods that are broken down into sugars taste sweet, some foods such as starches and white breads are also harmful to those who are trying to manage their blood sugar. Talk to your doctor and do some research on low sugar diets to ensure you are doing the most for your diabetes management.


Physical Activity: Often times, those who are suffering from diabetes also experience circulation issues. Physical activity can help to balance out these issues, as well as helping maintain your weight which will help with managing your blood sugar.


Daily Blood Sugar Monitoring: Daily blood sugar monitoring gives you an in depth look into how your body is processing foods. Monitoring your levels closely will help you identify and avoid triggers for your blood sugar spiking. It also will assist you in determining if medications you are taking are working for you.


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