Excessive ear wax can become problematic for children and adults and can easily lead to several different types of complications. This includes an obstruction in the patient’s ability to hear, persistent ringing in the ears, a feeling of fullness in the ear canal, itching, odors, dizziness, and more. There are multiple different ear wax removal methods we can use including ear drops that soften the wax inside the ear- making it easier to remove; ear irrigation to flush wax out of the ear; and even manually removing the wax with tools.


At Wellspire Medical Group we sometimes use ear irrigation to remove excessive wax. This is an in-office, routine procedure designed to remove excessive earwax, also known as cerumen, and any foreign material that may have found its way into the ear canal. A healthy ear will naturally produce wax to provide lubrication and protection to your ear. Wax helps to keep things from entering and collecting in the ear, as well as assisting in avoiding bacterial growth that can lead to complications. However, if the body produces an excess amount of wax it can harden and lead to complications such as ringing in the ears, pain in the ears, blockage and can even impair your hearing.


Ears are delicate and are a very sensitive part of your body. Excessive earwax that builds up overtime can not only be unpleasant and painful but can cause lasting damage to your ear canal and eardrum. Ear irrigation is a safe and easy way to remove the excessive earwax that helps to reduce your risk of complications.


Unfortunately, the opening of your ear is vulnerable to small objects and materials such as dirt, dust, food, bugs, pebbles, and other small items can make their way into your ear. When an item enters your ear, it is important to quickly and gently remove it before it has the chance to cause more damage by moving deeper into the ear or collecting bacteria.


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