Everyone has the potential to forget things here and there, in their daily lives. However, whenever memory loss begins disrupting you from completing the tasks of your daily life it could be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease or another for of dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease is a disease that affects the brain, causing a slow loss of memory, thinking and reasoning skills.

We have compiled a list of signs and symptoms. If you or anyone in your family is experiencing these symptoms, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today.

Forgetting: The most common sign of Alzheimer’s Disease is memory loss. This tends to especially be the case with recently learned information. Forgetting what someone tells you, forgetting plans you have made, asking people for the same information multiple times in one conversation can all be signs of Alzheimer’s.

Problem Solving Skills Decline: Things that may have once been simple, such as, balancing a checkbook, keeping track of and paying monthly bills, following cooking instructions, etc. may become too difficult for those with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Confusion With Time and Location: Forgetting where you are, how long you have been there, or what time of the year it is can all be signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you or a loved one sometimes has difficulty remembering where you are or how you got there, talk to your doctor.

Communication Skills: Those suffering from Alzheimer’s may find it difficult you join in a conversation. They may struggle to find the right words to express themselves, they may repeat stories, or misunderstand what others are saying to them. These are all symptoms that should be discussed with a doctor.

Misplacing and Losing Items: While it is common for everyone to misplace their keys or have to spend time retracing their steps to find where they have left something, if this is happening in high frequency it could be a symptom of Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s disease may also become suspicious of others and believe they are being stolen from.

Personal Grooming and Care: Often times, those who have Alzheimer’s Disease have difficulty keeping up with their own personal grooming and care. Those who once were very particular about their clothing or hair may stop taking an interest in the appearance.

Mood Changes: Extreme mood changes, emotional fits and a lack of trust can all be symptoms of someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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