What is Fatty Liver Disease?

The liver is the largest organ inside of your body. A healthy liver assists your body in digesting food, storing energy and removing toxins. Fatty liver disease is a condition where fat builds up in your liver and stores- limiting functionality. There are two main types of fatty liver disease:
-Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, also known as alcoholic steatohepatitis

Fatty Liver Disease is the most common disease in America, affecting over 90 million Americans. Lots of people that are living with a fatty liver are completely unaware of the fact that they have a liver problem. Symptoms of fatty liver come on slow and can be hard to link back to your liver, especially if you do not have previous knowledge of fatty liver disease. The most common complaints by those with fatty liver are a general feeling of unwellness, fatigue and weight gain.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver:

-Obesity, with a concentration of fat in the stomach
-High cholesterol levels
-Red, irritable eyes
-Consistent Nausea
-Gallstones, gallbladder issues
-Hot flashes
-Irregular or excessive sweating
-Increasing fatigue

What Causes A Fatty Liver?

Diets that contain a large amount of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, carbohydrates, fried foods and alcohol are directly linked to having a fatty liver. Lots of Americans are used to drinking several large sodas that are high in sugar throughout a day, indulging in fast food for the bulk of their meals and having a few too many alcoholic beverages several times a week. This has led to an epidemic of obesity and diseases associated with it such as fatty liver. Cutting out all sugar, avoiding alcohol and increasing your intake of lean proteins and vegetables can help treat your fatty liver. In some cases effects of fatty liver disease are even reversible with the right diet and attention.

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