An unfortunate reality many of us face is sharing our homes with someone who has gotten the flu. The flu is incredibly contagious and if you are not careful will quickly spread to everyone else in your home. Oftentimes, flu germs are present and spreading before flu symptoms even begin to appear. This can be a major problem leading to higher contamination rates that other illnesses. Below are a few quick and easy rules you can follow in order to keep your family healthy, and stop the virus from spreading if someone in your home has the flu.


Have Your Family Vaccinated: The most effective way you can guard yourself and family against the flu is by getting a vaccination. The CDC has recommended everyone who is over 6 months old, and does not have a history of a bad reaction with the vaccination should receive it. At Wellspire Medical Group, we do provide patients with this vaccination. Schedule an appointment today to get your family ready for flu season.


Coughing and Sneezing Properly

The flu is spread from droplets of moisture that contain germs and form in the mouth and nose. This means using a tissue to cover your mouth and nose whenever you cough or sneeze could go a long way to keeping the rest of your household from getting sick. If you do not have a tissue when you need to cough or sneeze, using your arm or hand to cover mouth and nose. Immediately wash your hands with antibacterial soap.



Using disinfectant spray and wipes all over your home to keeps germs off of shared surfaces is vital. It is best to make a designated area for the flu infected family member to stay in. Door knobs, fridge doors, bedding, remote controls, phones, bathrooms, and any other area that may be contaminated should be treated.


Remember, when trying to protect your family against getting the flu virus, the best choice you can make is vaccination. This significantly improves your chances at avoiding the virus coming into your home in the first place. This can help keep your children from missing school, the adults from missing work, and everyone from a lot of miserable flu symptoms. Come into Wellspire Medical Group for your vaccination today!



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